Your first visit with us will typically serve as a consultation only.

During this visit, your medical and pain history will be taken and a physical exam will be performed. If you have any x-rays or other imaging that pertain to your pain problem, you should plan on bringing those along with you to your appointment. If after your initial consultation it is determined that we may be able to help your pain condition with a procedure, then that procedure will be fully explained to you and then promptly scheduled.

We are dedicated to finding ways and means to diminish your pain and increase your function, if that is at all possible. Our philosophy emphasizes a comprehensive approach which includes appropriate referrals (as needed) to Physiatrists (physical medicine specialists), Physical Therapists, Orthopedists and Neurosurgeons, behavioral medicine, chiropractic and massage therapies, etc. while maintaining contact and communication with your primary care physician.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time concerning your treatment plans and about our goals with your treatment.

In order to accurately assess your physical condition, we request that certain paperwork be completed in advance of each of your appoints (initial as well as follow-up). For your convenience, these forms are available to be submitted electronically or may be downloaded from our Patient Portal.